Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Politics of Twitter part 2 - To follow or not to follow.

I asked twitter today who I should follow to take my tally to 500. @MrChrisJWilson suggested that I might be following too many. I am a ‘follow-backer’. I follow back like-minded people. I’m on twitter to learn, so for me following is more important than being followed. Obviously I follow some ‘people’ to get information, e.g, the Guardian not expecting to be followed back, but if we’re trying to build a PLN shouldn't follows be reciprocal? If I’m asking teachers to follow me, (which I do as a trainer) then if I don’t follow them back am I implying I believe my opinion’s more important than theirs? There are many  ‘experts’ on twitter but how do we know if someone’s an expert until we have heard their voice? Or should I be using hashtags? I’m interested to know your strategies.

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