Thursday, April 26, 2012

Manage the classroom, don’t let the classroom manage you!

One of my pet hates is poor classroom management. You might have the best lessons in the world but if you can't control a room, you reduce your effectiveness dramatically.
My advice:
Have a spot in the room where you talk to the class from. Move to it when you want attention.
Say stop, wait five seconds, say it again. Then wait for attention. Don’t say anything else. Speak firmly, but not loudly.
Don't speak over people.
Know the boundaries in your lesson plan and don't blur them. Have different voice tones for when you are speaking to the class and to individuals or small groups.
In lockstep stages remind students they’re talking to the whole class and not just to you. So everyone needs to hear them.
It's worth practicing because it does make a world of difference.

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