Thursday, April 26, 2012

The politics of the retweet! Blind faith or blindness?

An ELT 'name' tweets about his /her blog. Within seconds the original tweet has been retweeted 6 times. Not enough time has passed to open the blog, let alone read it; so why the retweets? Are the followers so sure of the quality of the blogger that they are willing to stake their reputation on it? Is Twitter so transient that tweeters don't care what their name is associated with? Or are the retweets just an attempt to curry favour with the 'name'? A retweet to me implies agreement with the original tweet. Therefore, personally I would never retweet unless I have read and agreed with the blog.
So, I call on an ELT 'name' to publish a blog of gobbledygook. See how many retweets you get!

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